The Rabbit Hole

I haven’t been coding long, but the longer I code, the more there seems there is to learn. HTML and ‘vanilla’ CSS? A cinch. Wait, what’s a processor? Oh ok, how do I do that? Install – no problem! Terminal? huh?


Ok, ok. JavaScript. Harder, but concepts make logical sense. I can write a loop. Naturally, arrays are no problem. I can name variables and create functions. Heck, I can write a handful of event listeners. Stringing them together to get a program is what gets me. Ok how about React and Vue.js? I can’t even make a little app with ‘vanilla’ JavaScript yet.

PHP – this is going to be my bread and butter anyway. And it’s similar enough to JS I could probably backtrack to that later. Lets get started… set up the environment. I can’t just…? Terminal again. Nuts. Ok. Clone this repository, ok. Bash profile? Aaaand I broke it.

Lessons learned: it is really, really great to have a community or network of experienced folks who are willing to help out and patiently answer all your newbie questions.



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