Blogging Monday: What piece of sci-fi tech do you wish we had already?

‘Tis the second round of Blogging Monday and this month’s prompt is ‘What piece of sci-fi tech do you wish we had already?’ It’s actually my prompt, and the invitation post is here.

What I really want in my life is a holographic heads-up display, a la Iron Man.


The only way I am able to function on any given day is by using reminders, calendar events, lists, and my hand-dandy notebook. I also have a large poster-board tacked up to my office wall with yearly goals and to-dos. Recently, I have been using Trello for some of my to-do lists, especially for team projects.

My heavy reliance on organizational tools is a product of my inherent absent-mindedness. I have left my lunch at home more as an adult than I ever did growing up. I tell my husband that I know where everything in the house is except my phone and my keys.

One of the reasons I love Trello is that I can drag-and-drop items from “Doing” to “Done”. I can’t explain why, but it is incredibly satisfying — more satisfying than checking off an item on my daily to-do list.

So, I can imagine what kind of skin-tingling, smug satisfaction gesture commands can bring as I organize my life, throw completed tasks away, enlarge how-to articles, and (sure, why not?) pay bills online with a flick of the wrist.

The only tech that doesn’t quite exist yet (at least for consumer use), and thus stands between me and a Tony Stark-level mastery of my day-to-day is the hologram tech. Fortunately, hologram screens under development. The next layer would be integrating gesture interaction. Once we have those two pieces, developers will certainly be working on organizational apps for the holographic platform. We already have hands-free tech like Siri and Alexa that we can use to make voice memos and reminders, and some gesture tech like the X-Box Kinect and the Harry Potter Wand remote.

For now, I’ll remain tied to my to-do list and Trello board, and dream of a day that I can orchestrate my life like a genius billionaire.


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